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Master in Financial Management, Writer, Academic and Entrepeneur.

Organizing an international trip could be more accessible thanks to the advantages that digital currencies offer, considering even lower costs.

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Visiting another country sometimes represents a complex process since different situations must be considered, such as schedule, travel times, food costs, and especially the use of cash.

Travelers constantly face…

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Currently, it is possible to buy different products and services with cryptocurrency; however, the purchase of real estate with this payment method is becoming more and more relevant.

Bitcoin has gained many followers since its launch in 2008, which has generated a diverse ecosystem of users who use it to…

It’s not about your money, house, car, investments, or even your time.

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We are using our attention to kill the achievement of goals and objectives and our brain without us even being aware of it.

It is essential to learn to select those aspects in which we invest our time…

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We are probably wiping out our ability to concentrate thanks to everyday distractors that threaten our productivity.

It is widespread to fall into stressful situations due to the high workloads within our work environments and mainly due to the availability that people demand when implementing work-at-home models.

The reality is…

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The use of fossil fuels at the international level has caused significant damage to our environment, affecting the health of millions of people and putting the future generations at very severe risks.

It is widespread to find reports that detail the foreseeable consequences of the exploitation of fossil fuels with…

It has become one of the most frequent activities that we carry out in society, above only sharing photos, music, and videos.

This work seeks to create a bit of awareness regarding how we are using our money in the financial markets to increase the responsibility of each of us…

Financial Markets Are Making History With CoinBase IPO

Photo by Patrick Weissenberger on Unsplash

During recent months we have seen that Bitcoin has surprised the world with its performance in the market since it has been able to attract the attention of institutional investors who usually refused to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

To put it…

Today we can know all the path that the coffee we drink has gone trough

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

On previous occasions, I have mentioned the exciting future that the development of new technologies holds in our lives and the blockchain represents an opportunity to transform our present and future for better.

The food…

Exercising is good for our health but eating well is much better

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You have probably received a lot of advice in the past about what is best for your body to lead a healthy life. …

Mental illness should be prevented decades in advance, and eating this food will help before it is too late.

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It is a reality that our bodies require food to obtain the nutrients that help us perform our daily functions and consequently achieve goals and objectives.

Most of our time we…

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